Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Shuwb Rug Service is an in-plant specialty rug cleaning and rug repair company located in Southeastern Michigan. We specialize in cleaning oriental rugs, specialty and woven rugs originating from Morocco to Eastern China, weavings from the West and machine woven rugs such as Karastan.

Our focus is on detail and to providing you with the personal attention to your rugs that we believe you as a client both want and deserve.

Today, a popular way to clean rugs is the surface cleaning method which is accomplished with a wall to wall carpet cleaning machine, either truck mount or portable. In most intances this process utilizes hot water and high PH solutions which is recommended for synthetics only. Hot water combined with these cleaning chemicals can cause the dyes in your rug to bleed. This process can also cause mildew (which are fungi), produce rot and in general, will serve only to de-value your expensive oriental and other specialty rugs.

When a rug is cleaned or washed properly it will not only look better but it will also feel better. You’ll notice the rich colors and beautiful intricate designs have a much more vivid look after your rugs have had a good bath. If a rug is just surface cleaned, it may look better on the surface, but that all important soft feel will not be apparent. Surface cleaning does just what it says it does, it cleans the surface.

We follow a 7 step full immersion – hand wet wash process. This method of rug washing is the most thorough and the safest way to clean hand woven, oriental and other specialty rugs.

Don’t put it off any longer! Take a few moments right now to contact Shuwb Rug Service. We’ll pick up your rugs or you may drop them off at our plant. Pick-up and delivery is FREE for 100 sq ft or less within a 25 mile radius of Rochester Hills, MI. For those outside our local area, shipping is available.